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Colorado Flood Relief

Alternatives For Youths

The InnBetween

Helping our neighbors get their lives back


This project is being headed by Stephanie Baum and Scott Brooks.  Stephanie is a web designer who built the website for this project.  She is a 40-year Boulder County resident who was raised in Boulder, lived in Nederland and Louisville and now resides in Longmont.  Scott Brooks is an illustrator, Animator and Designer who designed the artwork for this project.  Scott was born and raised in Boulder and now resides in Littleton.


Feeling helpless as the floods were displacing family and friends, they combined their talents to create this project to help their friends, family and residents of all the communities affected by the floods.


Please support their efforts in helping everyone effected by this major disaster by visiting their web site.


iTHRIVE, Alternatives for Youths


iTHRIVE is a program of Alternatives for Youth (AFY), a 30-year-old 501(c)3 non-profit based in Longmont, Colorado.  Their mission is to promote success of youth by instilling values that lead to positive choices and positive community impact and by encouraging social, cultural, and self development.  With a history of providing supporting education programs, iTHRIVE grew out of a resounding need in the community and educational settings for a program to help teens struggling with substance abuse.  As with all of their  work, through iTHRIVE they are dedicated to helping youth succeed. Their administrative staff provides support to iTHRIVE.


Their goal is to provide iTHRIVE at a price that is affordable for any teen and family in need. Many foundations and donors provide support to make this possible.  They are grateful for all of their support!  If you would like to join their supporters in donating to iTHRIVE, information about how to give is available by clicking here.


The InnBetween of Longmont


The Inn provides services to a very diverse homeless population which includes single and two parent families, teen parents, individuals exiting domestic violence relationships, persons with physical and/or mental disabilities, single adults, seniors, and teens unable to live at home for a variety of reasons.


We provide services that include transitional housing, in-house trainings and comprehensive case management to help increase the level of self-sufficiency for our residents.


If you would like to find out more about this organization or to donate, please visit their web site.


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