Interview Boot Camp

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You have finished your book, a product, launched a new business or cause, congratulations, and now you are ready to start doing the interview circuit to promote it.  Are you sure you are ready?  One of the prominent advertising services out there is Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) and they provide you with the "pipeline" to over 4,000 producers looking for interesting subjects and you.


IF you catch the attention of Producers, there is still a lot of work to be done  by both the Producer and you.  The Producer needs to make sure you are worth investing even more time on you and your "baby".  As a Producer, I would conduct an initial interview to determine the "fit" to the programming as well as listening to the potential guest not just for subject matter/content but also for  "air presence".  How comfortable do they sound and how interested will the audience be?  These types of activities tend to consume a large amount of time for each of the producers only once but you, it depends on how many of Producer's eye you catch, a "single dimension".  Your odds of being noticed increase while the time your invest in "cold calls" decrease completing this boot camp.


RTIR provides you with the ability to save thousands of advertising but leave the bulk of getting you ready and that is where this boot camp helps you get noticed even more.    Attendees have a one-one relationship with a coach/mentor.  Together they develop the "additional dimension" of the marketing  material through the use of sound .... you, and your "baby".   The Interview Boot Camp  includes interview coaching  session to improve your performance during an actual interview.  The takeaways from this boot camp are"


1) Interview teaser promoting the topic of your interview

2) Sample interview of you actually being interviewed

3) Complete 30 minute interview

4) Interview fact sheet with short biography and sample questions

5) Fully produced electronic package for use on your website as well as social media sites


Once completed,  you will be equipped with the tools to get the producer's attention,  save them precious time and you  numerous getting numerous "initial interviews" which may or may not result in an actual interview.  If you  are a RTIR client be sure to inquire about a special discount offer.


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