Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Union vs. Non-Union talent, Which Is Better?

    Being a member of SAG/AFTRA does not mean you are better then an actor that is not a member.  In fact the majority of the union members you haven't even heard of.   So which talent is better?  Either.  If you have an actor you like then you need to use them whether or not they are a member of the union.  If your project is a "union" job  and your preferred talent is not a union member, they will have to join SAG/AFTRA.


    Joining the SAG/AFTRA is not like joining a gym, you have to be invited, which means you have to be good enough to get yourself booked into a union job or two, which is almost impossible  to do because you are a non-union actor.


    Bottom-line is what do you prefer?  If you like an talent that is not a member of  the union, use  them.  If your preference is a union member, be prepared to pay the union rates or hope the talent decides to give you a break.


    Andrew Robinson wrote a  wonderful blog on this subject "To Union or Non-Union? That is the Question" which is worth checking out if you want more information.

  • Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects, Why Does It Matter?

    With the proliferation of music libraries in recent years and the increase in competition, some smaller libraries have evolved the somewhat misleadingly titled royalty-free music model. These libraries do not charge their customers for licensing the music. Instead, the customers purchase a CD or access to an electronic collection of music - priced typically between 50 and 300 dollars - whose content is licensed in perpetuity for them to synchronize as often they wish. These libraries depend mainly on performance royalties for their income (with a small amount of income from sales of physical CDs or online track downloads).


    Assuming that the music is broadcast, royalties are paid on the music, though it is the broadcaster, not the customer, who pays them via annual fees to the performing rights societies.

  • Can I Be the Voice On My Commercial?

    Yes you can.  However, depending on your abilities it may be cost prohibitive.  If you want to try your hand at voicing your own commercial, we can provide you with coaching and production support.  Ask your Account Executive for more details.

  • How Quickly Can I Expect My Project to be Completed?

    Each project complexity determines the turnaround time.  Turnaround time for most orders submitted during regular business hours will be within a few hours.  All orders submitted Monday through Friday are targeted to be completed within 24 hours.  Orders submitted after 5pm ET on a Friday may be completed on Monday.

    You can discuss your specific project and turn around requirements with your Account Executive.  We will do everything in our power to meet or exceed your expectations.

  • What Are My Options For Receiving My Project?

    The majority of our clients opt for receiving their finished product through email or one of many free File Transfer Protocols (FTP) services available.  Delivery on CD, DVD, or even Flash Drive is available at an additional cost.


    Audio is delivered in MP3  file format only.  If you do need an alternative file format (such as AIF, WAV, or specific phone prompts) please make sure you specify in our order.  There are additional charges for file conversion if not specified on the order form.

  • What If I have Multiple Scripts That Need To Be Produced?

    We have many clients that provide multiple scripts to be produced as one order.  These  scripts are are individually named and have a unique order number.  When the script has been  completed, it is sent back to the client in a separate file with the unique order number and name  as the filename.

  • What If I Need Revisions Done?

    Once your voice talent has uploaded your audio and notified you it is available,  you'll have a period of 5 business days to review and approve before downloading.   If for some reason you're dissatisfied with your voice over (style, mispronunciations, etc.) you'll have the option to request ONE FREE revision with new instructions for the talent.   Additional revision requests, or any revisions needed after you've approved and downloaded your audio will require submitting a new order.   If no action is taken within 5 business days after you being notified,  your order will be considered approved and final.

  • Broadcast vs. Non-Broadcast Scripts, What Is The Difference?


    When submitting your script for recording you'll be asked to identify what  the voice over will be used for.   Broadcast scripts include radio and television scripts of any length.   For broadcast scripts, our talent will make every effort to read scripts in the specified timing, usually  10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds.


    Other uses, including Internet video, on hold, corporate video, IVR, mobile applications, e learning, etc. are considered to be non-broadcast and priced according to word count.  Non-broadcast scripts will be read according to client direction with no time limitations.